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What the Right Kind of Lawyer Does For You

Do not believe the forums where “newcomers” (those who have never been in the investigator’s office and the pre-trial detention center) write that you don’t need a lawyer, you or your relatives will be sent to the colony anyway, so you can do it without a lawyer. Do not cope. And not necessarily someone will be sent to a pre-trial detention center or to a colony. As a relative, colleague, etc. You do not have the right to defend without a lawyer. This can only be done by a professional lawyer with a lawyer’s certificate. The result of the preliminary investigation or the verdict depends on how well a good lawyer is involved in your case.

Do Not Spare Money To Pay For A Lawyer

Not a single attorney will be involved in a criminal case, which, incidentally, can last both two months and two years, and on average a year, for example, for 50,000 dollars. You also earn more than this amount a year? Also, the amount of the fee affects the efficiency of the lawyer, especially at the stage of the preliminary investigation and the amount of work that the lawyer and you personally will do.

For example, with full agreement on the amount, the lawyers from the leading law firm will collect for you all the necessary characteristics, certificates, visit the principal’s remand center, represent your position as fully as possible, etc. and do everything as soon as possible. Also, the fact that experienced lawyers who “ate a dog” on your article and know all the details of the process and collecting evidence, is taken more than lawyers who did not have such cases in practice, it is explained very simply they know how to work and not experiment with your fate, for which, of course, it’s better to pay with money than with years of your own life.

 The sooner the criminal lawyer enters the case, which you can find by contacting the sustainability lawyer from the law firms, the better for the case and the principal. Loss of time, improper development of a legal position, as well as testimony at the interrogation of an investigator without the presence of a lawyer under the Agreement may play a bad role subsequently.

You Will Be Surely Provided With A Lawyer If You Are Under Investigation

There is no secret in this, any investigator will tell you about this during detention. However, you should not calm down, since this lawyer receives a fee of 580 to 1,200 dollars (depending on the complexity of the case) and he will receive this money after 2-3 months due to the red tape of officials who transfer funds to the account of the lawyer’s education. For this amount, you will receive only advice, and you will collect the evidence yourself (send requests, receive certificates, etc.).

Formally, he will carry out all the necessary actions, but he will not really be able to pay all the costs of collecting evidence (trips, taking copies of documents, sending mail, attracting specialists, etc.) no matter how the best attorneys try to help you. If you want to be involved in your business hire a lawyer under the Agreement.

Do Not Believe Those Who Promise You Any Result In The Case

An experienced lawyer will always tell you that he will do everything possible to help you, but only the preliminary investigation authorities or the court make the final decision. And the lawyer cannot influence this decision, even with a great desire. The maximum that a criminal lawyer can do is to honestly and conscientiously defend your position and your interests. By concluding the Agreement, you are paying for the work of a lawyer, not a sentence in a case. Just like a doctor, you pay for the treatment process, not for recovery, and payment for medications and operations occurs until the result is obtained.

In the extensive practice of criminal lawyers, there have been various cases on different charges. There were cases that “fell apart” at the stage of the preliminary investigation, there were cases in which the court passed a verdict of not guilty, there were cases in which the court unreasonably exceeded the term of serving a sentence, and subsequently only the higher court reduced it or replaced it with a milder sentence.

Each Case Is Unique

If you have trouble and you need real help from a lawyer who will fight for you claim, the lawyers are always satisfied, because their professionalism allows clients to get out of the situation as much as possible and not be left alone with their problems.


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